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Justin Bieber Set To Drop XMas Album

Justin Bieber is delivering the goods to his fans for the holiday season,a new album titled,'Under The Mistletoe',which is set to drop on November 1st.The album will feature cameos by mentor Usher,Boys 2 Men,and The Band Perry.I think that's a good look for Bieber.I'm just so glad that its not called,Under The Cameltoe!The Beliebers will eat this album up.

Rihanna Covers British Vogue Magazine

Pop princess Rihanna covers the new issue of British VOGUE magazine in Armani Prive Couture and a short blonde wig.The Bajan hot piece sits down with Christa D'Souza in a very controversial uncut interview,holding nothing back as only Rihanna could do.More after the break.. 

Amanda Knox AKA 'Foxy Knoxy' IS Free At Last

After four years in prison,and a towerload of appeals,Amanda Knox is a free woman,as ordered by the Italian appeals court in Perugia,Italy.Amanda's boyfriend,Rafaele Sollecito,was also freed,who also maintained his innocence throughout the last four years.Both are set to return to the the states on Tuesday.Good for them,as the evidence in this trial didn't point to either one of these kids.Hopefully,Amanda can return to a sense of normalcy in the rest of her life.What a shame.Congrats to the family and her parents are soldiers for standing by her throughout that bitter process.
Photo: Pier Paolo Cito / AP

Adele: 'Someone Like You' Video Seak Peek

Adele is set to finish off her fabulous year with her new video,Someone Like You,which will probably shoot back to number one after she drops it.I don't know what people hear that I am not hearing in her music,but I just ain't feeling her music.Pop the cork for the video.. 

Amber Rose Hits The Meat Packing District

Amber Rose stepped out in some interesting shades as she made her way through the Meat Packing District with a male holding her up,who helped the groupie model across rocky streets.Tired of this bald headed beast,for real.More Amber after the jump..  

Michael Jackson Deceased Photo Shown To Jurors

A disturbing photo showing the lifeless body of pop icon,Michael Jackson on a hospital gurney,was shown to jurors today during the opening statements of (MJ's doctor),Dr. Conrad Murray​’s manslaughter trial which started today in Los Angeles.Murray faces up to four years in prison if convicted.Four years?Why not life in prison for this irresponsible drug dealer doctor.After listening to the recording of Michael high as a kite,I think life is just for this loser! Head over to abc for the recordings.Pop the cork for the photo..   
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