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Chris Brown Early Sales Numbers In

According to hitsdailydouble,Chris Pound Brown's early numbers are at 132,530,a long way from 300,000 that was projected,all around the internet.Lets keep it real,Chris may have the #1 r&b album spot,but anything else,not gonna happen.His album has fallen from #1 to #11 on itunes since Thursday. His song 'Look At Me Now' has fallen to #10 Can somebody please tell me how can you have the number #1 album in the country when you are doing a Alicia Keys, and keep on falling?I know its only 32% in,but their numbers don't change much from the ones they already have posted,trust and believe,I been tracking stuff there since October 2010.So I guess the attention whore will have a tantrum if he don't pull off those original numbers.
Update: Chris has sold 273,346 which will give him the #1 r&b album.His itune numbers remain the same.
#LOSING.The numbers will dwindle from here on out.Go figure.


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