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Chris 'Buster' Browns Publicist Throws Up The Dueces

Chris Brown's publicist,Tammy Brook has parted ways with Breezy.According to Page Six,Brook will no longer be representing the troubled felon after he beat up the GMA dressing room.Of course,Chris says that she was fired,but I don't believe that narcissist for one second.That may be the best thing that she ever did in life,before she crash and burn right along with that douche bag!Anyway,Chris was spotted at Lax looking bipolar,as you can see.One minute he is OK,then the next,he is ready to pop off on the paparazzi.Maybe he is upset that his album has dropped from #1 to #3 in just two days,or maybe he is upset that his hair looks like a raggedy ass tennis ball!More 'Bipolar Brown' and his boring jumpoff after the break..

Photos: Bauer Griffin


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