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Beyonce Debut's 1+1 On American Idol

Beyonce copy cat Knowles takes to the American Idol stage,wearing a look up my cooter dress as she performed Crazy In Love.Didn't she get the memo that its a family show! Later,the RTW singer changed into a long gown to debut her new song 1+1. I listened to the words that she sang,and what I got from the lyrics is that this chick is obsessed with her husband! Call me crazy,but I know how to read between the lines.She claims that girls run the world,but she seems weak and powerless to me.Here are a few of those words:

“If I ain’t got nothing, I’ve got you. If I ain’t got something, I don’t give a damn…cause I got it with you”
“I don’t know when I’m gone die, but I know I’m gone die by you. I don’t know much about fighting…. but I will fight for You”  

? Look,I'm not knocking being in love,but when it becomes obsessive,then you need to check yourself! Also,she substituted a word from the song and instead said Jay Z's name! Now we all know how private Jay is about his love life,but this chick is so far gone,nobody can shut her up! Jay has got his hands full with this one! Pop the cork for the obsession..


  1. Anonymous said...:

    Shut the fuck up
    stupid bitch / bastard

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