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Beyonce Releases Album Cover "4"

Just off the heels of releasing the video for [Girls] Who Run The World,Beyonce drops her album cover art in which she is topless,wearing a fur vest.I am sick of seeing this girl tits! All through that corny video,all you see is her jiggly tiddays and her legs open! The clog/river dancing in the beginning ,[WTF] And the cheap ass looking yellow dress,like it came straight out of Marshall's,showing her drawers and wobbly flat ass was disgusting!She doesn't act like a married woman doing all of that gyrating on the ground!I never thought that Beyonce would have to stoop to such a low level for a music video!She can sing,I'll give her that,but that song & video suck major horse balls!I was expecting more after all the hype around it,but this sugar is not it.Maybe she should scrap the whole damn album and try again because Lady Ga Ga's album is going to take a major sh*t on hers! This Album = EPIC-FAIL.ORG!


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