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Beyonce Under Fire Again For Copying Someone Elses Work

Beyonce is catching heat over her 2011 Billboard Awards performance, which she says was inspired by Italian singer Lorella Cuccarini.According to various sources her Billboard Awards performance intro was completely copied from Cuccarini's performance,which labels Beyonce as a copycat.Um,this chick has stolen her whole career,so I'm not surprised!She also stole the dance moves in the routine from  the tofo dancers. Anyway,take a look at the side by side videos,and judge for yourself..

Beyonce's Statement:
“My makeup artist showed me the performance of Lorella Cuccarini a year ago, and it inspired me so much. I then met with the talented people who worked on it. The technology and concept were so genius. Thank God for You Tube or I would have never been exposed to something so inspiring. I never worked so hard on anything in my life as that performance for the Billboard Awards.”  
Yeah,now that she has been caught! O_o   


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