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Chris Brown & Rihanna Follow Each Other On Twitter

Hold on to your wigs and fasten your seat belts,because this ride is about to get bumpy! Rihanna and Chris Brown has reconnected via Twitter and they are following each other as of yesterday.I am not surprised by this,in fact,I knew it was coming after she lightened the restraining order.But,can she handle the back lash and the fallout when the mainstream media get their hands on this story? She has a lot of endorsements and could lose a hell of a lot just for following this ass clown on Twitter! I can't begin to say how dumb she is,but it is what it is.She is sending the wrong message yet again,and I am done feeling sorry for this chick! I know its their private lives,but everything becomes public when you are a star,so she's the one who has to deal with the backlash!One of Rihanna fans wasn't happy about it either.Find out what Rihanna said to her and have a look at the Twitter evidence.. 

 Photos:Chris Brown/Twitter Rihanna/Twitter


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