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Lady Ga Ga Takes It Up A Notch On Idol

Can Lady Ga Ga do anything in a normal way?Of course not! The Born This Way singer headed over to American Idol on Wednesday where she wore a pair of boots with penis heels.I know that she knew before she got dressed that she was on a family show,so there is no excuse for her even wearing that type of crap on a heavily watched kids program.The network had to use the AI logo plus red stars to cover up her heels to keep the show PG.It's clear that she is getting more and more ridiculous with the stuff she does,and that's why I can't eff with Ga Ga or her music.And for those of you who are interested in buying a pair of these penis shaped boots, they are designed by London fashion brand Void of Course,and  costs around $4,500. That would put a Void in my bank account! Pop the cork for Ga Ga's performance..  

Photo by: Mari Sarai/Void of Course


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