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Model Nathan Owens Spices Up Rihanna's CKB

So lets talk about this hot piece of male model specimen that appeared in Rihanna's CKB video!DAMN!
His name is Nathan Owens and he is a model for Major Models in CA. He is SUPER SEXY,and he has so many different looks! If I was Rih Rih,I would have been rolling all over that CKB with Nathan,lol.Oh,and if you read her Rolling Stone interview,the person narrating the story says that Jay Z was on the set while she doing the video,so I think that's why she couldn't get down the way she wanted too.Why would he be there anyway and he's married?I'm just saying,because obviously it made her uncomfortable!I know he's managing her now,but he shouldn't have been there while filming since he is married and all the rumors about those two are ridiculous! It always seems that her videos are missing something,and she really should branch out and work with other people on her videos instead of Anthony Mandler all the time!I am sick of his incomplete work and that is the real tea.If she wasn't so breathtakingly beautiful and the vocals wasn't on point,then this video wouldn't be about sh*t!Pop the cork for some more hot shots of Nathan.. 

Photos: Gregory Vaughan/DNA Magazine


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