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More Photos From Rihanna & Britney's Performance,Plus Go Back Stage

 Unless you have been living under a rock,Rihanna brought Britney to the stage to perform their S&M remix and from what I have read on other news websites,the hateful comments about Britney lip syncing,and the the performance being raunchy was ri-damn-diculous! Yes,the performance wasn't all that well choreographed but it was cute and fun!It's not like no one didn't know that Brit lip synced in live performances,because that is no surprise or secret.And what did everyone expect,A G rated performance for a song called S&M? Please! GTFOH! If it was inappropriate for television,then Billboard wouldn't have let them open the show and ruin their reputation.So I say stop thinking that things will look and sound the way you want because when you expect too much,you get disappointed.Move on people and get a grip! More from the performance and backstage after the jump.. 

Photos: Ethan Miller/Getty Images North America


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