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Chris Brown Can Lick From Here To Albuquerque With That Nasty Tongue

Is this the reason Rihanna can't seem to rid herself of Chris the fist Brown? Well,I hope not,because although Breezy has a long tongue,it looks like he has oral thrush,and no one should even want that licking them anywhere,let alone kissing it,eww!I'm gonna need Chrissy to stop by Target and pick up a pack of tongue scrapers and scrape that bish,then head to the nearest Dentist.That is disgusting as f*ck!It could also come from a yeast infection in the mouth,probably from licking all that dirty & infested cunt,lol.Well,at least his tongue is thicker & longer than his cack!Since his music career is almost over,he can always do porn!More Chris Clown at Hot 97 Summer Jam 2011 after the jump..


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