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Rihanna Under Fire From PTC Council For Man Down Video

The PTC council has its drawls in a bunch because of Rihanna’s suggests in her video that killing a rapist is a proper form of justice and doesn’t agree with her statement that it sends “a very strong underlying message 4 girls like me.” 
PTC said this:
“If Chris Brown shot a woman in his new video and BET premiered it, the world would stop. Rihanna should not get a pass,” said PTC, who also chided BET for airing the video,says PTC.

Dear PTC:

While you are focused on trying to destroy Rihanna,the Jersey whores are getting drunk,doing drugs,smashing into Italian police cars, smushing every night on live television,and 16 & pregnant & teen mom whores are doing the most,and you all wanna eff with Rihanna?GTOH with that BS!Rihanna shouldn't be responsible for raising your kids and no one elses.That's the parents problem,not Rih Rih's,because she is a grown  woman!Parents should control what their kids watch anyway,again not Rihanna's problem.If anyone is easily influenced by a video,and can't seem to separate fact from fiction,then you seriously need meds!So your complaint has no freaking  merit.It's a video and its called creative art,dummies,so get off the Rihanna hate train,because it will jump off the track & derail.You cannot put a censor or ban on the whole f*cking world just to raise your kids.And furthermore,WTF does Chris Brown have to do with that video?I think he beat her not raped her and although she should have busted a cap in him,she didn't,So have several seats _/_/ and oh,#ManDown!Find somebody else to harass and leave that girl and her music/videos alone.


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