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Ryan Dunn Was Heavily Intoxicated During Car Crash

According to West Chester,Pennsylvania police,Ryan Dunn's blood alcohol level was .196,two and a half times more than the legal limit,which is .08 when his Porche jumped a guard rail, crashing into a wooded ravine before bursting into flames.The crash that killed Dunn and passenger Zachary Hartwell,who was only 30 years old,both died of blunt force trauma to the head and severe burning from the explosion.Dunn was also driving at a speed of 130-140 mph.Wow! This looks like a case of  lets see how fast I can go in this Porshe,but snowballed out of control  in my opinion,because no one would drive that freaking fast as plastered as he was,or even get behind the wheel after drinking like that.It's sad,not only did he lose his life,but he took someone else's in the process.Pop the cork for whats left of the car,and a video of Bam and his mom talking about Dunn dying in a crash one day..  

                                                          Zachary Hartwell(On the Right)

Photos: AP Photos


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