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Shots Fired: Rihanna Fires Back At The Critics BS For "Man Down"

Rihanna silenced the critics that were talking major BS about her controversial video 'Man Down' when she arrived on Twitter yesterday.I love that Rihanna speaks her mind,and these idiots had it coming!I think the reason that these folks are mad is because Rih Rih uncovered a topic that has been swept under the rug,and they can't handle the truth!If a man had made this video,nothing would have been said about it!Like I said before,you can't kill the messenger(Rihanna) for shedding light on rapist and how that person really feels after it happens.Stop looking for celebrities to be role models and raise your kids,that's your job,not theirs,and this is a free country last time I checked,so she can say whatever and do whatever she wants with her music.As far as the shooting in the video is concerned,that was a f*cking cake walk compared to all the murderous tv shows and movies that is shown doing the same thing,and kids see it all. Also, what about Lady Ga Ga's videos,especially Telephone!Never saw these groups go after her for sh*t!Change the rape and domestic violence laws,then maybe you want get women retaliating! Sounds like a bunch racist BS to me but thanks for blowing Man Down up because it will be #1.See what Rihanna had to say about it after the jump.. 


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