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Casey Anthony Found Not-Guilty Of Murder

Jurors in the Casey Anthony trial issued a jaw-dropping verdict and found her not guilty of murder in the death of her 2-year-old daughter,Caylee Anthony.Anthony was found guilty of lying to law enforcement on 4 counts.The child murderer will likely be released at the end of the week,due to time served.This has to be a MF joke!No way in h3ll did those incompetent and uneducated dumb jurors not have enough evidence to convict that psychopathic wolf in sheep's clothing!Were they bullied by Jose Baez and the defense,because after only ten hours of deliberations,something went horribly wrong!Then,after unleashing a not guilty verdict,none of them had the heart to step in front of the media and tell us why!How pathetic,and I hope the defense & jurors are happy that they also now have Caylee's blood on their hands and I hope they never get any sleep!I'm sorry,but she gets no love on this blog,because the pathological lying b*tch got away with murder and I despise her.And poor Caylee!My heart hurts for her and the Orlando community after this tragic verdict.She may have walked away scott free from this jury,but she will do something else just like OJ did,or someone will do what she done to her daughter,kill and throw her in the woods for animals and insects to eat her up!The judicial system is a joke,and very embarrassing.Orange County,Florida court just showed all mothers who don't want their kids that they can kill them & get away with murder.You reap what you sow Casey,so enjoy your 'beautiful life' while you can because Karma is around every corner!This should have never been a jury trial. No justice for Caylee Anthony.Damn shame. :(


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