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Chris Brown Performs On The 'TODAY' Show

Chris Clown Brown fans camped outside over night to see the woman abuser perform on the TODAY show at Rockefeller Plaza for over 18,000 people this morning.The NYPD had to shut down the streets due to heavy traffic for the first time in years.That's a lie,but whatever!Somewhere in Zoo York,a village is missing 18,000 idiots!That's what is wrong with this world.People,women in support criminals and thug behavior,while the good people catch h3ll.SMDH.More of this pink bow tie wearing Sissie after the jump..   

Then the narcissist tweeted his dumb followers:  

          "love teambreezy so much.. Wish the concert was longer today! Thx you Today Show for your everything Love ya!...18 to 20 thousand people showed up at 7 this morning! That's crazy!! Biggest crowd the today show ever had!...I love my fans!!!! It is really truly an honor and a blessing to create music and evoke emotion for positivity. Can't live without my fans."

Breezy is such a con,and the idiots that follow him fall for it on a daily basis!Sorry but this punk gets no love,ever!

Photos: Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images North America


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