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TMZ Puts Nick Minaj On Blast With 911 Call

Dallas police has released to TMZ the 911 call that was made when Nicki Minaj was hit in the face by her rumored boyfriend Safaree Samuels.Minaj and Samuels both denied the incident happened, but Dallas police later released the report,which made Nicki look like the liar that she is. Nicki refused to press charges.This chick lies about everything,her age,her ass,and now this dmv incident.Then she went off on her twitter followers and called TMZ and all other media outlets liars.I call bullsh*t and she is busted.She knows now that Harvey and the TMZ crew does not play when comes to their credibility.

In the 911 call, a woman identified as Nicki is heard in the background screaming,"What you hit me for",“Look at what he did to my face.” Listen to the call below:

Nicki Minaj 911 call by dallasnews


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