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Sincerely Ciara Fansite Shuts Down After Eight Years

Ciara just had the other leg pulled from under her,being that her fan site has shut down.Sincerely Ciara is closing its doors after an eight year run with the Goodies singer.Atfer the casket dropped on her Basic Instinct album,all 37,000 of her fans is taking a 1-2 step.Fan sites are used as a platform to keep the hype around an artist so that they can have some longevity,but with no hit record and no hype whatsoever,Ciara's biggest fan site has taken its last Ride,puns intended.Ciara can't do anything at this point to revive her career because she has had two flop albums back to back,but with that being said,she can maybe get a reality show to try and resuscitate her dying career.So much for being Sincere.Oh,and Rihanna would like to thank you for your wigs,lol.


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