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Update:The Lindsay Lohan Stolen Necklace Turned In

Above is a picture of the necklace that Lindsay Lohan reportedly stole and now someone has turned it in.According to TMZ,somebody tipped Lindsay off about the search warrant being signed by the judge,and the cops were on their way to search her Venice Beach home for the necklace.Once Lindsay learned of the search warrant,she had her stylist return the necklace. 

We’ve learned the warrant was signed by Judge Katherine Mader at 3:45 PM Tuesday.  The LAPD was making plans to execute the warrant — which authorized cops to search for the necklace at Lindsay’s home in Venice, CA.

    But somehow — before the search was conducted — Lindsay’s stylist showed up at an LAPD substation and returned the $2,500 necklace.

    Sources connected with the case tell us … they believe someone told Lindsay the warrant was in play.  Otherwise, they say, why would she have her stylist go to the LAPD to return the jewelry rather than the jewelry store?

    Our sources believe Lindsay tried making a preemptive move, but we’re told ultimately returning the jewelry won’t be a factor in deciding whether to prosecute her. 
Why would Lindsay steal in the first place,and if that's what happened,why where it out in public?Someone should teach her how to steal,because that ain't it,lol.Why risk going back to jail for a damn necklace.


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